Christopher H. Cordey

CEO Futuratinow | Strategic Foresight Advisor | Founding Director Yonders

CEO @ @futuratinow SHARPED EYES, EARS & SYNAPSES. At the crossroads of #Singularity #Gamification #Luxury #Education and #Sustainability Baby-Boom-Globe-Trotter. Rulebreaker, Catalyst, Change Agent, Unconventional, Pragmatic & Results driven. His mission is to acquaint progressive human being to development that are genuinely new & of real significance, thus helping them create lasting impacts. As a strategic foresight advisor Christopher helps C-level executive to anticipate, design and influence the future. Member of APF, IAF, SCIP & WFS. Specialties: - Strategic Foresight. - Change Management - Capacity Building - Event Design & Learning Architecture - Corporate Sustainability

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