Save the Date: Luxury Society Keynote Shanghai 2021


Alexander Wei | November 05, 2021

Credit: Unsplash

Held on 25 November, this year’s Luxury Society Keynote event in Shanghai will look at the most recent developments in social commerce in China, and examine how brands can maintain their growth momentum in this market by effectively leveraging a variety of digital platforms and marketing channels.

According to recent data, online touchpoints are expected to influence 92 per cent of consumer journeys in mainland China by 2021. Chinese tech companies are capitalising on this trend and attempting to offer a complete consumer journey from awareness to loyalty on their platforms: Social media platforms such as Douyin have begun to offer transactional capabilities, while platforms such as Baidu and are turning to Mini Programs to allow brands to completely tailor the consumer experience.

All of these developments are indicative of the evolution of social commerce in China. With the rise of younger generations of consumers, 'social' has become an important factor in their purchasing decisions, and brands need to leverage various channels and tactics to better communicate with their audience and eventually convert them. The transformation of China's luxury landscape presents both opportunities and challenges. How can brands effectively build a social commerce offering and integrate it into their wider digital strategy in China?

The 2021 edition of Luxury Society’s flagship Keynote event will be held at The Sukhothai, Shanghai, on 25 November and bring together leading figures in the industry to share their insights on the Chinese digital ecosystem. Titled 'Social Commerce 2.0: Value & Services that Drive Conversions’, the conference will feature executives from conglomerates such as LVMH, leading e-commerce solutions provider Leqee, as well as industry insiders from Boston Consulting Group and Convertlab in panel discussions, fireside interviews, and keynote speeches.

More speakers, and the full event agenda, will be announced in the coming weeks – so stay tuned for updates. For other information and ticketing enquiries, contact us via email.

Luxury Society Keynote 2021

Social Commerce 2.0: Value & Services that Drive Conversions

Thursday, 25 November

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