Online Interest in Skincare Is Rapidly Growing, How Can Brands Seize the Moment?


Meaghan Corzine | March 24, 2020

The latest research from DLG (Digital Luxury Group) indicates that while new skincare brands have quickly grown over the last three years, established brands like Neutrogena, La Roche-Posay and La Mer are also keeping pace with younger players on the market.

The global beauty market is undergoing radical changes. With the rise of digital and direct-to-consumer, skincare brands are making a name for themselves in an arena up against large legacy make-up and fragrance brands. Who are the online winners? What are the best practices? And how do we build meaningful and competitive consumer journeys?

The latest research from international-based digital marketing agency DLG (Digital Luxury Group) and publisher of Luxury Society, explores the success of the industry’s fastest growing and disruptive beauty brands, and what lessons can be learnt and applied to maintain growth in the digital landscape.

Estimated to be worth around $250 billion dollars, the global beauty market is rapidly transforming, largely due to marketing strategies which are centered on building a sense of community around the brand, product and experience.

DLG's research takes a look at the online performance of over 25 beauty brands with skincare as their main product. Analysis of global English Google searches suggests that overall online interest for skincare brands is growing and that over the past three years, their search volumes have significantly increased. Extensive distribution network, brand transparency, and best online practices are all key in order for beauty brands to thrive in today's digital environment.

Check out the full insights and analysis in the video above.

This segment is part of Reshaping Luxury, a production focused on the ever-changing landscape of the luxury industry. Aimed at providing insight, analysis and interviews with leading experts and executives in the market, Reshaping Luxury is a co-production between CNNMoney Switzerland and DLG. Watch the full episode here.

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