[Video] LS Keynote 2019: New Platforms, New Opportunities


Annick-Ange Logmo | October 04, 2019

This panel featuring experts on the topic of branding and channel strategies discussed the challenges and opportunities that new social media platforms present, as well as some best practices.

New social media platforms that have arisen in the past few years are redefining brands’ social media strategies. Disruptors like Douyin and RED (Xiaohongshu) highlight new formats brands need to consider, as well as new user demands.

Although brands are willing to embrace new digital spaces, they need to clearly understand how each platform works and the best practices.

In this video, the panel discussion moderated by TechNode Editor-In-Chief John Artman featured DLG Associate Account Director Layla Lee, PARKLU CEO and Founder Kim Leitzes and KOL Ginger and addressed the challenges and opportunities presented by these new platforms. Offering insights from different perspectives, experts discuss the importance of RED and Douyin along the user journey, why and how brands should get on these platforms, as well as the platforms’ dynamics.

Watch the video below for the full discussion.

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