What We’ve Read: China's $112 Billion Luxury Goods Market Is Shifting Online


Meaghan Corzine | May 20, 2019

Luxury Society’s selection of news articles that are not to be missed this week.

1. With White-Glove Service, China's $112 Billion Luxury Goods Market Is Shifting Online

Shoppers from China accounted for one-third of global spending on luxury items last year, and Chinese luxury consumption will nearly double to about 1.2 trillion yuan ($175 billion) by 2025 from 770 billion yuan ($111.856 billion) last year, consultancy McKinsey & Co. estimated in a report published April 26.

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2. Deeper KOL Collaborations Help Brands Stand out in a Sea of Noise

Brands naturally have a fear of taking risks, so when they collaborate with influencers, the majority of them tend to stick to the same tried and true formats like having them make sponsored posts or attend offline events.

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3. Can Pop-Up Fashion Stores Reinvent Luxury Retail?

Louis Vuitton. Gucci. Harrods. What do the French luxury label, the Kering-owned fashion behemoth and the heritage retailer have in common? Pop-ups. 

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4. LVMH Touts Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence at VivaTechnology

LVMH has seen the future of fashion, and it is artificial intelligence.

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5. Chanel links fragrances and fashion in evocative campaign

French fashion label Chanel is introducing a new film series meant to better connect its fragrance collection to the house’s couture identity.

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