What We've Read: Can America Build a Luxury Powerhouse to Rival Europe’s?


Meaghan Corzine | August 24, 2018

Luxury Society’s selection of news articles that are not to be missed this week.

1.)  Can America Build a Luxury Powerhouse to Rival Europe’s?

The future of Tapestry hinges on a wider portfolio than currently exists.

Read this on Bloomberg.  

2.) Luxury Brands Can't Ignore Fashion Reseller The RealReal Anymore

Long dismissed as an opportunistic upstart of little consequence by the luxury establishment, The RealReal is proving it is on to something big.

Read this on Forbes.

3.) How analytics and digital will drive next-generation retail merchandising

As merchandising in retail continues to evolve with the integration of analytics and other digital solutions, merchants need to become much more nimble and ready to fulfill customer needs.

Read this on McKinsey.

4.) Bloggers Without Borders – 7 of the New Breed of Chinese Global Influencer

International influencers are often some of the most useful key opinion leaders for luxury fashion houses, due to their popularity with fans in both the east and west.

Read this on Jing Daily.

5.) Global luxury brands again chase China's young, rich and spendthrift

Global luxury brands from Prada to LVMH are investing in China for the first time since a crackdown on conspicuous spending five years ago, focusing on smaller, less developed cities even as the world’s second-largest economy slows.

Read this on Reuters.

Cover image credit: Coach.