When it comes to luxury brand management, high-end groups could learn a thing or two from the British Monarchy, including the preservation of one's reputation while navigating with the times.


The British Monarchy remains the brightest example of how precise branding and a great marketing strategy can guarantee longevity for an institution. 

Queen Elizabeth II epitomises power, strength, reputation, admiration and ‘The Dream’. From the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony’s movie starring James Bond, to the Netflix series “The Crown”, Her Royal Majesty is the impeccable and iconic Head of State with the perfect manners and the most recognisable image. Her style issued the stamp on the Royal Family in good and bad times. 

As an understated feminist, she once drove the King of Saudi Arabia – a country renowned for its ban on women drivers – around in her jeep. 

Her ability to understand the need for an evolution of the Monarchy after the death of Lady Diana, the acceptance of Prince Charles’s eccentricity, the love for her nephews, and her respect for her role made her an ambassadress for how a brand should be managed for long-term success and flourishing.

Her flawless and unique image, her manner of speaking, which is known as the “Queen’s English”, her passion for dogs, horses and the countryside, but also her indisputable sense of responsibility towards her country have all contributed to the nurture and preservation of the British Monarchy’s strength, despite the internal and external turbulence. 

The organisation of Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding has been a major challenge for The Palace, but it turned out to be a very successful event. According to Reuters, the Royal Wedding has allowed the British economy to cash in around one billion pounds. 

This is a great example of the best type of luxury brand management. So, what can luxury groups learn from The Palace?


  1. Work for the long-term and learn to properly manage short-term troubles in order to guarantee the endurance of the firm. 

  2. Accurately position every entity in the story by setting up a clear hierarchy, priorities and roles (the Queen, the Crown Prince, the young Princes and Princesses). 

  3. Never spoil the Queen. 

  4. Innovation and evolution should come from the second lines and this has to be managed accurately. 

  5. The DNA and the reputation of the firm are the most valuable assets. This needs to be preserved, nurtured and communicated with care and passion. 

  6. Change management is a daily exercise. Disruption is the greatest enemy. 

  7. Never remain stuck in the past. Navigate with the times and cultivate your own charisma. 

  8. Images are the most powerful tool. Create an unforgettable, visual legend. 

  9. Share your story in a natural and authentic way. Don’t be shy, but remain on the throne. 

  10. Make the best of anything that can happen. Carefully pick up behind-the-scenes masterminds to work for you. 


The British Monarchy still rocks!

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