Four Seasons and Rosewood Turn to VR to Increase Bookings


Brielle Jaekel | October 16, 2017

Luxury travel and hospitality brands are teaming up with virtual reality production agencies to help bring the luxury hotel industry to life through immersive experiences for the customers.

Luxury travel and hospitality brands are embracing the impact virtual reality has on consumers through a bespoke experience that tailors experiences for each brand.

Four Seasons and Rosewood are a few of the luxury hotel companies that are looking at VIP Worldwide for its marketing virtual reality application. The brands are creating unique, immersive experiences that draw in customers.

"The virtual reality experiences immediately bring hospitality brands to life from anywhere in the world,” said David Beasley, CEO of VIP Worldwide. “They are fully immersive and transport potential guests to experience the hotel or resort before making a booking decision.

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“The sensory experience using sight and sound heightens the emotional connection which has a positive impact on bookings,” Mr. Beasley said. "A key benefit is that it allows the guest to navigate their own experiential experience as each experience is driven by potential guest's needs and desires.

"It offers a personalised viewing experience, unique to each brand and provided another digital touchpoint for brands to extend their reach and boost visibility."

Travel and VR

VIP Worldwide has created an app in which hotel and travel brands can create special experiences with VR. Many include a direct booking feature so customers can seamlessly book stays that they are attracted to, after interacting in a digital space.

Image credit: VIP Worldwide - Four Seasons VR app

The booking feature is a “Book Now” button that will appear within the app experience, and will bring those who click on it directly to the booking engine. VIP Worldwide will be tracking the “Book Now” feature to determine how many customer responses were elicited from the VR experience.

Intuitive layouts, a Manual and an Automatic VR tour and VR experiences, on and off property are all included in the VIP Worldwide app experience for brands.

Experiences can be designed for VR headsets, desktop or mobile devices. Users will be able to move in a way that lets them explore the virtual space around them, to get a better feel for the destination.

Image credit: VIP Worldwide - Ty Warner Mansion VR Still headset mode.

Many experiences allow users to explore the entire property such as traveling from the beach to the spa all within the VR experience. Users are also invited to explore a few off-site excursions to get a better feel of what they can experience while taking a trip to their destination.

VR initiatives

Hospitality service provider Crystal helped prospective travelers imagine themselves on one of its cruises with the addition of virtual reality technology.

Crystal Preview allows travelers to view Crystal’s Serenity and Mozart ships and select shore destinations in 360 degrees, transporting consumers to the Arctic or locations along the Danube River. Most travelers consult digital channels before booking, making virtual reality another way to help them make decisions about their itineraries.

French apparel and accessories label Longchamp also invited consumers to explore its newly reopened Paris flagship and the surrounding neighborhood through a virtual tour.

The brand’s mobile-optimized Paris Premier microsite includes an interactive map offering 360-degree views of spots in the 1st arondissement and campaign content surrounding the handbag inspired by the district. This content forges a stronger bond between Longchamp and its chosen home, creating an association in consumers' minds between the brand and nearby institutions.

"It has been specifically designed and built with the luxury hospitality market at its heart," said Oliver Harlow, director of global sales at VIP Worldwide. "Our award winning filmmakers have helped shape the technology to deliver the VR experience to today's traveler providing key information to the viewer without them having to leave the VR environment.

"It has a direct booking integration and works online and offline," he said. "The design also gives choice to the viewer as to how they access the information that appeals to them.

"The behavioral data drawn from the individuals user journeys empowers the hotel or resort to understand what individuals are looking at so they can respond with timely and relevant updates to the content in app."

Article originally published on Luxury Daily. Republished with permission. 

Cover image credit: VIP Worldwide 

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