Tradition and Modernity: A Match Made in Heaven


Lydianne Yap | September 01, 2017

Bringing together historic cultural symbolism and 21st century flair, Qeelin showcased the best of both worlds in its latest digital campaign this Chinese Valentine's Day

Symbolism is a powerful thing. It attaches significance and layers on additional meaning to the otherwise ordinary. This Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi), international fine jeweller Qeelin is drew upon the strength of symbolism to convey its message of love and fate.

While a piece of red string might not ordinarily be of any particular significance in a regular setting, within this context it symbolises one’s destiny. Derived from a popular Chinese folktale about a love deity named Yue Lao who ties a silken red cord around the ankles of two people who are meant for each other - consequently intertwining their paths in life – the red thread is said to represent fate.

In collaboration with DLG China, Qeelin launched a digital campaign on WeChat based on this very symbol. “The ‘Find Your True Love’ digital campaign was the perfect way to celebrate the Qixi Festival,” says Dennis Chan, founder and creative director of Qeelin. Built in the form of an interactive experience on WeChat, users were presented with a series of questions that take them on a virtual journey along a red thread, culminating in the discovery of true love at the end. At every juncture, users were given two different answer options, with each selection defining the path eventually taken.

While a timer inserted at the end of the experience displays how long one took to complete the fateful journey, users were reminded that time is of little consequence when it comes to a fated love.

Showcased in the campaign was the Qeelin Yu Yi collection, which features a lock motif throughout its pieces. “The collection’s name, Yu Yi, comes from the (Cantonese) pronunciation of 如意, which translates to ‘may your dreams come true’,” explains Chan. “If you give someone a Yu Yi lock, you are giving that person a blessing. A lock can mean so many things — it can be used to lock up love; promises; memories; health; friendship and so on. This may be the most romantic Qeelin collection yet,” he adds, making it rather apt that the brand chose to highlight this range on the occasion of Qixi.

Known for the strong referencing of Chinese culture in its jewellery designs, Qeelin is a classic example of how tradition meets modernity in today’s world. While the brand’s creative approach remains faithful to its Chinese roots, it constantly finds inventive ways to present its collections to a younger and digitally savvy audience.

“With the right execution, digital platforms can help to increase the visibility of brands without diluting the element of tradition,” says Pablo Mauron, partner and managing director of DLG China. “It’s not an easy balance to strike but with strong creative ideas and the right team, the blend of old and new can be a winning combination for consumers.”

To discover the campaign (mobile only), scan the QR code above. WiFi access is recommended for the viewing of this campaign and slow loading times are to be expected when accessing it from outside China.

Cover Image: Qeelin 

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