The WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark has revealed that social traffic has one of the highest purchase intents with 13% of social traffic heading to the store locator. And this is only the beginning; in the past year, social traffic increased by an impressive +76%


What impact does Social Media have on selling more luxury watches?

Our analysis shows that among all of the channels of communication employed by luxury brands, social media brings one of the most qualified levels of traffic to a brand website.The WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark indicates that 13% of website traffic from social media platforms will navigate through the store locator, revealing an intent to purchase.  And this is only the beginning. In the past year, social traffic increased by an impressive +76%. 

While the quality is very high, brands still have work to do when it comes to increasing the quantity of clicks they receive to their website from social media, only at 6% of traffic, but growing quickly thanks to increased budgets and social media investments. 


Further insights and consolidated benchmark indicators are available to participating brands and DLG clients, who benefit from a full range of insights, with integration of this unique data set into their global performance measurement framework. To find out more visit:


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Yoann Chapel

Analytics & Dashboards Project Manager , Luxury Society

Yoann leads Analytics & Dashboards projects at Digital Luxury Group and is passionate about driving ROI for the brands he advises, particularly through defining key performance indicators and measuring digital performance.