Luxury Watch Websites Are Seeing More Traffic Than Ever Before


Yoann Chapel | March 24, 2017

The new WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark has uncovered a new record. Despite a tough business environment for watchmakers, luxury watch websites are receiving more traffic than ever before.

For over 10 years, Digital Luxury Group has been publishing the WorldWatchReport™, the leading market intelligence study in the luxury watch industry. Tracking consumer interest and preferences by analyzing the millions of watch-related search engine queries around the world, the WorldWatchReport™ has given watch brands a view of their customer and potential clientele like no other.

In the new WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark, Digital Luxury Group introduces a new evolution of the study. For the first time ever, luxury and prestige watch brands have the ability to measure their digital performance versus the industry, with the unveiling of a detailed digital analytics benchmark specifically tailored to the watch industry.

One of the first and most notable insights uncovered by the report is the fact that traffic to watch websites is at its highest ever recorded. The numbers speak for themselves:

Further insights and consolidated benchmark indicators are available to participating brands and DLG clients, who benefit from a full range of insights, with integration of this unique data set into their global performance measurement framework. To find out more visit:

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