Valentine’s Day 2017: Luxury Jewelry Falls in Love


Roxane Soussan | February 14, 2017

The day of love has finally arrived, which means that brands of all walks of life are culminating their Valentine’s Day campaigns in hopes that a hopeless romantic, or even just a shrewd long-time companion, will be investing in a present for their loved one. Today we take a closer look at how 5 luxury jewelry maisons have approached the holiday.

1. #DareToDeclare by Cartier

Cartier’s Love bracelet has long been a favorite of lovers looking to show their affection, and fashionistas looking to show off their style. This Valentine’s Day Cartier has focused on this special piece of jewelry. In a series of three videos entitled How Far Would You Go For Love, a man and a woman flirt together and push the limits. By the end, the the couple are linked "forever" by the Love Bracelet, which can only (should only) be removed by the wearer’s significant other. The brand spurs Cartier fans to post pictures of their Love bracelets with the hashtag #DareToDeclare. As of Valentine’s Day over 1,000 images have been tagged on Instagram with the brand’s hashtag.

2. #LoveIsTiffany by Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. has created a sweet interactive campaign, suggesting Tiffany fans to share a memorable date and what it means to them, declaring that “just the mention of a special date is a powerful reminder of memories we hold close to our hearts.” As of publication, over 2,300 images were tagged on Instagram with the #LoveIsTiffany hashtag.  

3. #LargerThanLove by Bvlgari

Bulgari last year unveiled its “Larger than Life” campaign, highlighting the Italian brand’s glamorous heritage and stunning pieces. For Valentine’s Day, Bulgari hasn’t seemed to place big bets. Perhaps recognizing that its price points are higher than the typical Valentine’s Day gift, the brand seems to have saved a splashy campaign for another moment.

That said, it didn’t stop the brand from showcasing it’s jewels in a Valentine’s Day setting across social media, while playing on it’s Larger than Life motto by using a #LargerthanLove hashtag. Showcasing heart-shaped jewels on a traditionally red background, Bulgari also managed to throw in some humor, citing, “All you need is love, but a little jewel now and then doesn’t hurt.” And we couldn’t agree more.

4. #deGRISOGONOmoments by De Grisogono

De Grisogono is featuring its Valentine’s delights with an extra-special mise en scene.  The jewels are presented amongst an array of chocolates and sweets, bringing attention to the pieces in a fun, flirty, and decidedly gourmet way.  

5. #ValentinesDay by Piaget

The rose has long been an important motif for Piaget and became with time the inspiration for one of the brand’s iconic collections. Inseparably linked with love since before Shakespearean times, the rose has also long been a symbol of Valentine’s Day as well.

With the double hashtag  #ValentinesDay and #PiagetRose, Piaget looks to grab the attention of romantic gift givers, using a series of images across its communication channels to showcase its rose collection. The campaign don’t waste any time in directing would-be shoppers to the dedicated Valentine’s Day page on the website, suggesting a wide range of suitable gifts.

ONE ROSE, Love at first sight…

TWO ROSES, Mutual Love…

DOZENS ROSES, I love you...

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