6 Questions for TAG Heuer’s Marketing Director on the Brand’s New Website


Tamar Koifman | January 05, 2017

Valérie Servageon, Marketing Director of the LVMH Watch Division, speaks with Luxury Society about the strategy behind TAG Heuer’s new e-commerce website.

The last iteration of was launched a few years ago. What was the aim in rebuilding the site this past year?

The main goal was to catch up with the technical digital evolution, in order to remain a leader in the sector. TAG stands for Technique d’Avant Garde and we need to be on top. It was then a necessity to be able to feature our dense editorial content, and to enhance the product experience.

It was also the opportunity to develop a mobile-first website to help us increase the experience on mobile devices, which represents more than 60% of the global traffic.

And last but not least, to optimise the e-commerce experience.

Speaking of e-commerce (currently available in the US, UK, and Australia), it seems much better integrated in the new version of the site. What are your next moves in terms of e-commerce? New countries? New features?

Yes, a better ecommerce experience was a priority. E-commerce sales are increasing and the aim is to extend the number of countries in the short term.

The website incorporates a high level of "lifestyle" content, having recently featured Muhammad Ali and the sport of rugby as the main home page image. What was the thought process behind not giving TAG Heuer timepieces the most visible spot on the home page?

We wanted to bring the visitor into a TAG Heuer experience and not only a product website. We need to share emotions. TAG Heuer is also about a #dontcrackunderpressure lifestyle leveraged through our partnerships, ambassadors and friends of the brand. We want our consumers to feel that they will wear more than a watch. But of course the product remains king and has a place of choice on every page, with detailed product pages featuring 360° players and 4K videos.

What are the key metrics you're looking most closely at in the first months of launch?

The search engine visibility, of course, because when you launch a new platform, search engines need to crawl all over again your website and if the job is well done your organic ranking should be even better. So quality traffic is key, time spent, new visitors etc.

Your smartwatch offering, the TAG Heuer Connected, which is one of the most entry-level watches in the catalog, has been getting a lot of media buzz. Is it as popular in online sales as it is in online buzz?

Yes it is, as we see that it is still one of the most visited section of the website

Undergoing a redesign website project for a brand like TAG Heuer is quite the job. What was the investment required to launch the new website?  

It’s a real investment in terms of human resources, internal and external, and budget wise. It’s a long and ongoing process as the website will never stop evolving.