Leading luxury fashion e-commerce platform, Mei.com looks for unique ways to engage its young, fashionable Chinese audience. At the occasion of the Luxury Society Keynote event in Shanghai, Thibault Villet, Mei.com's Co-Founder and CEO, shared the initiatives he and his team have been deploying.


As a leading luxury fashion e-commerce platform, Mei.com aims to enrich the online experience of its fashionable customers. With a team of 20 editors, Mei.com launched a weekly e-magazine in October 2015 that has been inspiring members with content covering 20 different lifestyle areas. Additionally, Mei.com launched a number of interactive activities, including their Tmall collaboration that live-streamed a major fashion show, receiving over 5,000,000 interactions from their online audiences. 

Watch Thibault Villet's full video presentation to an audience of luxury executives at the Luxury Society Keynote in Shanghai last month:




Registered Luxury Society members can download the complete PDF presentation:


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Elsie Zhang

Client Development Director , Luxury Society

Elsie Zhang is the client development director of Digital Luxury Group in China