In the last of a social media series which has ranked the leading watch and jewellery brands across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, we identify the Top 10 brands on Chinese channel Sina Weibo.


As one of the biggest social media platforms of China, Sina Weibo, more oftren referred to as ‘Weibo’ is now one of the most influential social media platforms in China, boasting 222 million monthly active users (as of September 2015).

‘Weibo’, translated as ‘micro-blog’ is best described as as the Chinese equivalent to Twitter or Facebook – both of which are blocked in China – which has been integral to its stellar rise in popularity as a social media platform in the region since launch in 2009.


 While the platform continues to show promise for luxury companies, it remains a mystery for many 


Earlier this year, the platform announced it would launch video advertising to be integrated into the channel as a fresh source of revenue to maintain robust growth.

The new advertising will appear in the users’ Weibo news feed with geographic and demographic targeting options, generating an extra tool for luxury brands looking to target the lucrative market from a local angle.

Yet, while the platform continues to show promise for luxury companies looking to capitalise on its reach, it remains a mystery for many.




With this in mind, Luxury Society has joined forces with its parent company and full service digital agency Digital Luxury Group, to rank the luxury watch and jewellery brands which leveraged Sina Weibo best over the past year.

Leading the pack in the watches category are Cartier and Bulgari – although the gap between them is a wide one. Cartier dominates with 1,303,748 followers, as opposed to the latter’s 374,783 fans.

Interestingly, however, Bulgari wins on engagement – with 0.07% compared to Cartier’s 0.02%.


 In jewellery, Cartier again leads in terms of followers, but it is Chopard which garnered the most interactions 


The third runner-up – Piaget – however, trumps both in terms of interactions, on 0.08%, despite its slightly lower volume of fans (336,478).

Rounding out the top five are Raymond Weil and Chaumet, on 196,478 and 180,664 fans respectively – however, while Raymond Weil garnered no interaction, Chaumet reaped a level of 0.04% engagement.

In the jewellery category, Cartier again leads in terms of followers, but it is Chopard – ranked ninth – which embodies the phrase “quality over quantity. It garnered the most interactions (0.22%), despite only having 36,213 followers.




Tiffany & Co, second on the list, lags significantly behind Cartier in terms of volume of followers (519,457) – but makes up for in with a 0.08% level of engagement.

Bulgari comes in fourth, with Piaget in fifth place and on par with Tiffany & Co in terms of engagement, with 0.08% engagement – the second highest level of interactions behind Chopard.


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