Approximately one in every 30 Singaporeans is currently a dollar millionaire. The city-state will have the second highest density of millionaires in the world after Monaco by 2017


A new report by WealthInsight reveals that the number of dollar millionaires in Singapore has practically doubled in size since 2008, giving the city-state a millionaire population of 183,400 in 2012.

This segment of the population collectively holds US$857 billion, or 85.7% of the total individual wealth held in the country. Out of these millionaires, there were 3,870 multimillionaires (individuals with a net worth of over $30m) in 2012, with an average wealth of US $86m per person).


A Typical Singaporean Millionaire

Age: 66 – Singapore has the third oldest age of millionaires in the world.
Gender: Male – 83.7% of multimillionaires in Singapore.
Nationality: Singaporean
Net Worth: $86 Million
Source of Wealth: Earned – 47.6% of Singaporean multimillionaires earned their wealth, 35.7% are entrepreneurs
Industry: Financial Services – 22.9% of Singaporean multimillionaires made their money from financial services.


 The number of dollar millionaires in Singapore has practically doubled in size since 2008 


Singapore has the second highest millionaire population density in the world, after Monaco. Currently, approximately one in every 30 Singaporeans is a dollar millionaire.

The total number of millionaires in Singapore is forecast to grow by 59% to reach over 291,000 in 2017. By this estimate, and an annual population growth of 5.9%1, by 2017 roughly one in every 20 Singaporeans will be a millionaire.

Singapore is the fastest growing wealth hub in the world with Assets under Management of US$1.29 trillion. WealthInsight expects Singapore to overtake Switzerland by 2020 to become the largest global offshore wealth centre ranked by Assets under Management.

“The rise of Singapore as a wealth centre is a result of the burgeoning Asian wealth surrounding the island city state”, explains Oliver Williams, an Analyst at WealthInsight.

“This is apparent when you look at where the money is held – Singaporean millionaires hold 40.8% of their foreign assets in the Asia-Pacific region”.



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