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Luxury Society, Yandex & Digital Luxury Group present the second installment of the World Luxury Index™, a ranking of the top 50 most-searched for luxury brands in Russia.


In partnership with leading Russian search engine Yandex, Digital Luxury Group, and Luxury Society are proud to annouce the World Luxury Index™ Russia. Unveiling for the first time, a ranking and analysis of the most searched-for brands within the luxury industry, based on the unbiased search inputs coming from global luxury consumers in the search engine.



“With so much attention on Russia’s booming luxury industry, international brands are in need of a standardized benchmark and consumer insights. With Yandex’s 60% market share in search, Digital Luxury Group chose obviously the right partner to provide reliable data as the basis for this first edition of the World Luxury Index Russia,” said Bernard Lukey, General Director of Yandex Europe.

As the first official ranking of the most sought after luxury brands in Russia, the unbiased information is derived from an impressive sample of more than 150 million+ consumer queries on the leading search engine in Russia, Yandex. DLG research analysts and the Luxury Society team, uncovered a number of interesting findings from search statistics.


 The Russian car market is booming and is expected to become Europe’s largest car market by 2014 


Luxury Cars Rule the Road

The Russian car market is booming and is expected to become Europe’s largest car market by 2014. This strong interest for cars, and more specifically luxury cars, is reinforced in the findings. Automobiles make up an impressive 73.6% of total searches for luxury brands in Russia, with BMW dominating as the most-searched for luxury brand.




Beauty Brands Make an Impact

Guerlain ranks third in the beauty category (after Chanel and Lancôme) in Russia. Compared to its ranking in China (10) and in the US (17) it does quite well in Russia. The ties with the country were further strengthened when Guerlain became an official sponsor of the famous Bolshoi theatre in 2011 and launched an exclusive perfume for the re-opening of the main stage.


 Data shows Russian taste for “bling” isn’t just a stereotype 


Luxury Travel in the Tropics

Tropical destinations in Thailand, the UAE, and the Maldives lead in Russian luxury hotel research. Phuket, an island off the coast of mainland Thailand, is the most searched for destination within the hotel brands featured in the top 50 ranking. Of the luxury hotels in Phuket, Le Meridien captures a near majority of the attention of Russian travelers.




Bling Beckons

Data shows Russian taste for “bling” isn’t just a stereotype. In the luxury watch market in Russia a notable level of searches are done for gold and diamond watches, over any other material. Plus, Swarovski, well-positioned as a brand that fits the Russian taste for bling, remains an attainable luxury, and ranks first in the jewelry segment.



The World Luxury Index is an ongoing international ranking and analysis of the most searched-for brands within the luxury industry, covering over 400 brands within six key segments, launched in partnership between Digital Luxury Group & Luxury Society. Please see previous editions below:

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The full report is available online at: More detailed data and analysis on a particular segment or brand is available upon request.

For any further enquiries regarding the index or research, please contact Tamar Koifman of Digital Luxury Group,


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Sophie Doran

Creative Strategist, Digital

Sophie Doran is currently Senior Creative Strategist, Digital at Karla Otto. Prior to this role, she was the Paris-based editor-in-chief of Luxury Society.

Prior to joining Luxury Society, Sophie completed her MBA in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on luxury brand dynamics and leadership, whilst simultaneously working in management roles for several luxury retailers.