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Sophie Doran | March 22, 2011

Introducing 'The Latest Video' to Luxury Society readers, where we present an essential round-up of the newest video releases and content by luxury brands

Introducing ‘The Latest Video’ to Luxury Society readers, where we present an essential round-up of the newest video releases and content by luxury brands

Fully embracing the digital revolution, luxury brands now look to video to communicate the raison d’être of maisons. As the Internet and iPad threaten the functionality of print magazines, and consumer expectations shift from static-to-moving-to-interactive, video becomes the most logical way in which to engage the next generation of luxury enthusiasts.

Fashion now dominates luxury video production: the lovechild of rich content, deep pockets and the image-importance of its brands. The automotive, hospitality and timepieces sectors are certainly making a contribution, however many are yet to transcend the idea of video exclusively for showcase, and branch out into peripheral interest content or abstract advertising. Brands like BMW stand out far from the crowd with bespoke-for-the-web documentaries and microsite mini-series.

Vanessa Friedman best articulated the true benefits of video: “it allows [brands] to communicate with a younger generation who don’t like words but love video, especially short video, especially as viewed on various technological devices.“ A younger generation that is information hungry, real-time dependent and expects content to be delivered in a succinct, engaging and interactive manner: easily distracted yet highly demanding.

And that just concerns the presentation. With this new ability for consumers to select when , where and how they are advertised to, they are able to select what information they wish to receive, meaning brands must respond with content for those that like information, those that like advertising, those that like behind-the-scenes, those that like heritage, and those that just want content every day of the week. As video explodes into the luxury industry, we bring you a monthly wrap up of everything new.

Prada, Real Fantasies SS11

The second video celebrating and showcasing the Spring Summer 2011 Campaign, this time directed by James Lima, a visual effect director. A light-hearted and visually engaging way to present the collection in more detail, but lacking in the feel-good factor of the original offering.

BMW, Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW present Vision ConnectedDrive concept vehicle, which demonstrates how cars could be connected to their environment in the future. This clip is about the ideas and heads behind this visionary vehicle.

Banyan Tree, Galaxy Macau

A virtual showcase of the new Banyan Tree Macau, scheduled to open in May 2011. This short property showcase condenses 246 suites and ten pool villas into three minutes, to give potential guests a comprehensive guide to the look and feel of the upcoming resort.

Chanel, Here Comes the Beauty Pack

Originally debuting on Nowness, the LVMH-backed and Jefferson Hack-edited content-zine, Chanel presents here comes the beauty pack, a fun way to introduce the recently launched Chanel Confidential":Chanel Confidential] site, for the behind-the-scenes happening at Chanel Beauty. Nowness further enhanced the launch offering with a ["video interview with the global creative director of makeup, Peter Philips.

Armani, “Say Hello” to Armani Junior

In much the same vein as Stella McCartney’s Kids launch campaign, Armani Junior present a showcase of the Spring Summer 2011 collection. Another example this month, alongside Prada & Chanel Beauty, of how brands are taking a more light-hearted and humorous approach to online marketing, arguably in the hope of something ‘going viral’.

Audi A6, Manipulation

Celebrating the new Audi A6 with Aluminium hybrid body, engineered with a lighter touch, the short film is designed as a ‘magical display of Audi’s mastery of lightweight metal engineering’.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Professional Reflections

In keeping with Ralph Lauren’s ethos of selling a lifestyle, not just garments, the brand releases a series of peripheral interest content for its Polo Golf range and customers, enlisting US golf professionals for a series of short videos for RLTV. In this particular video, Tom Watson, Davis Love III and Jonathan Byrd discuss what they love about the game of golf.

Dior Addict, Be Iconic

Capitalising on the publicity hurricane that is Kate Moss, Dior have released its latest television commercial for Dior Addict lipstick, with an extended for-the-web short film, directed by Jonas Akerlund, featuring new music by Duran Duran. The latest video from Dior joins the recent release of Sofia Coppola for Miss Dior Cherie, featuring Natalie Portman and previous commissioned advertising and content by David Lynch and Guy Ritchie, featuring Marion Cotillard and Jude Law.

Giorgio Armani, La Femme Bleue

A short vignette of Elisa Sednaoui starring in the Spring Summer 2011 campaign, La Femme Bleue. Complimented by a house-made documentary about the making of the campaign, featuring short interviews with Sednaoui and discussing the themes behind the collection. A well executed example of capturing a brand ‘feeling’.

Mercedes-Benz, Classics – A Way of Life

In a similar vein to that of [“BMW’s Unscripted”:] campaign, Mercedes-Benz capitalises on a balance of youth, nostalgia and cool in showcasing JG Francis and his career made restoring Mercedes-Benz classic cars. The short film, inspired by Carl Benz’s saying “The best or nothing”, briefly follows the mechanic from California and his unconventional lifestyle revolving around classic automobiles.

Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle

The next chapter for Coco Mademoiselle, the brand have enlisted film director Joe Wright, director of Atonement, The Soloist and Pride and Prejudice, to capture Keira Knightley as the face of the fragrance. Released after two short teasers on its YouTube platform,, the film tells the story of a woman beautiful, independent and mischievous. .

Louis Vuitton, Double Exposure

In keeping with its ongoing support of the arts, Louis Vuitton releases the Double Exposure project, looking into the multi-faceted natures of creative’s through photography and film. First profiling photographer Sam Taylor-Wood, they extract personal insights via the revelation of treasured possessions, then revisit the history of photography with a ‘wet plate’ portrait styled by Bay Garnett.

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