6 Answers to the Social Media Question


Lucy Archibald | July 07, 2010

LS highlights Tamar Shamir Koifman’s advice on social media for luxury brands.

The recent LS article on fashion marketing has sparked debate amongst the LS community about the role that social media should play, or not play, in luxury branding. Now, to add to the conversation, we are highlighting the 6 solutions which social media specialist Tamar Shamir Koifman presented at a pre-conference workshop at the Luxury Interactive conference. (We have summarised her points, but read the full article on

1) Take advantage of Facebook’s open graph
2) Twitter as an outlet for brand personality
3) Using Twitter for customer service dialogue
4) Influential bloggers as PR
5) ‘Social Shopping’ combines social networking and shopping
6) Location-based marketing to incorporate tips and reviews

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